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Reviews for All Positive Dog Services

Finding a trainer you can put your trust in to advise and assist with your dog's behaviour and welfare can be daunting and overwhelming

So, don't just take it from us about what APDS can do for you and your pooch and check out what APDS clients have said

Let's approach training in a positive, reward & science based way together

What APDS clients have said...

Emma Piper, February 2023

Highly recommend APDS! We were unable to leave our cockapoo Hugo at home by himself for any length of time. He would bark and become very distressed, so we stopped going out, or had to rely on dog sitters. Rick was so supportive. He listened to our difficulties and created a positive behaviour programme to help Hugo learn to be alone and feel relaxed. Following Rick's guidance, Hugo developed confidence to stay at home alone for increasing amounts of time and can now be left for over five hours. This has made such a massive difference to our lives. Rick has also provided guidance on Hugo's behaviour including practical sessions in the community.

Sian Jackson, January 2023

We have recently done the socialising class. Was really great. Learning how to introduce our pup to new things. The classes have really helped him become more confident to do/meet new things. Thank you.

Ceri and Martyn, January 2023

As a family we would like to say a huge thank you to Sam and Becky at APDS. Nellie has probably broken a record by attending 3 back to back Puppy Socialisation Courses due to her anxiety around anything that moves! She has come on enormously from her first session when she wouldn’t get off my lap and whilst she still struggles with her confidence with new people and dogs she has progressed enormously due to the patience, kindness and advice provided by Sam and Becky. Yesterday she parallel walked with a neighbour’s dog and today she sat in a busy cafe and even had a snooze. Unless you know Nellie you wouldn’t understand what an achievement this is! We can’t thank you enough for all of your help and support, you provide a unique and incredibly valuable service. 

Sonny’s family, September 2022

Thank you all so much for all your support and knowledge, you guys have helped us immensely. It’s very daunting owning a reactive/nervous dog and I can honestly say, that because of your guidance and support, Sonny is managing to have a good quality of life outside of the home which we are both very grateful for​. 

Natasha, May 2022

Huge thank you to Rick and Sam at All Positive Dog Training. You guys have been our light in challenging times, and it would have been tricky without your guidance and training. You were always there to answer any questions and give advice on any situation. With all the tools and advice, we've been given and continuing to receive, we have now seen a huge improvement in Volt's behaviour.

Lifelong friendship

Holly, October 2021

Cannot recommend All positive dog services enough. Reggie and I thoroughly enjoyed our classes and have learnt so much. Rick was very patient and extremely knowledgable in guiding us through the minefield that is a knowing where to begin training a very excitable, young puppy. Thank you so much for all your help!

Becky, August 2021

Cannot recommend Rick highly enough, we are so grateful for his advice and cannot thank him enough. After over a year of being unable to house train one of our rescue dogs I decided to ring Rick following a vets recommendation. Rick spent ages listening to the background of our lovely rescue girl and the situation, he then made several suggestions as to what may help. We followed one of his suggestions and haven’t had a single accident since and it has been 3 months. Rick’s advice has genuinely made life so much easier and we are just so grateful.

Emily Jane, July 2020

We took our puppy to puppy play and learn classes and we found them really useful and enjoyable. Rick is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced and truly understands Doggy behaviour! I highly recommend All Positive Dog Services!

Douglas, April 2020

All Positive Dog Services have been amazing in helping us with training our Labrador. We have used their classes for general training and one to one sessions for some particular issues, and we couldn't be happier with the results. All the sessions are fun and practical and the follow up guidance easy to follow. Having tried other trainers in the area I couldn't recommend these guys enough if you want long lasting positive results.

Kathryn, June 2019

Our young German Shepherd was reactive, anxious and easily distracted. after a few sessions with Rick taking her on training walks, she is like a different dog. Happier, relaxed owner! Rick is brilliant, passionate about his work, full of helpful positive advice and dogs adore him. Can't recommend him enough! 

Image by Jamie Street
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