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Veterinary Physiotherapy

Improve your dog's joint mobility, condition, proprioception to aid fluid movement and reduce the risk of injury through physiotherapy

Our RAMP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist focuses on the ‘Prehabilitation’ concept; the idea of maintenance physiotherapy to spot changes to the dog's movement or tissue state early and completing targeted exercises regularly to prevent the onset of injuries

Our Veterinary Physio services also form an important part of our Behaviour Assessments as pain contributes to a range of behaviour issues and it's crucial we look at the dog as a whole.

What's included in a Veterinary Physiotherapy Consultation?

  1. One 60 minute consultation with RAMP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist Alice, followed by a report. The initial consultation will allow our Veterinary Physiotherapist to assess your dog's mobility and discuss an immediate action plan for you to begin implementing straight away. A bespoke treatment plan and advised number of sessions required will be provided, based on the initial consultation (treatment may need to be in consultation with your vet).                             

  2. For Behaviour cases an in depth assessment of your dog's mobility including any potential pain will be carried out, a report will then be sent to your veterinary practice. Our Veterinary Physiotherapist will then work with your veterinary practice on treatment plans if needed once a diagnosis has been confirmed. 

  3. Treatment will depend upon your dog's condition and needs and may include massage therapy, electrotherapy (including LASER, TENS & NMES) therapeutic Ultrasound and heat therapy

  4. Access to support from the Veterinary Physiotherapist via email/Whatsapp in between sessions

  5. Free membership to our exclusive Facebook community group for ongoing advice and support 

What else do I need to know?

  • Each session with RAMP registered Veterinary Physiotherapist costs £50

  • This service is particularly helpful for dogs who are competing in sports and agility as well as dogs who have restricted or irregular mobility, but can also be beneficial to any dog to improve their mobility and prevent injury

  • The session will involve you, your dog and Veterinary Physiotherapist, Alice, only

  • Most pet insurance companies work with All Positive Dog Services, so the cost may be covered by your insurance company

  • Please bear in mind that some problems require ongoing treatment and subsequent sessions, as it can take time to improve your dog's condition

  • This service may require us to work with your vets and any other professionals who have a relationship with your dog. This allows us to provide a holistic approach, ensuring we address your dog's health, behaviour and environment as a whole

  • Check out our T&Cs here for our cancellation policy

  • If you can't find a date to suit you, please get in touch with us so we can find a way to help you


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Where does it take place?

At APDS Training & Behaviour Centre, near Leominster & Hereford

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