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Business To Business Services

Need something a bit different from our standard Dog Training & Behaviour services?


APDS can provide tailored dog training, classes, advice and support for you and your business 

Let's help you and your team work with dogs and owners alike in a positive way, backed by science and reward based training 

A range of bespoke services for you & your business

Dog Assessments​

We provide detailed dog temperament assessments for schools and fostering agencies or councils, which involves carrying out a detailed risk assessment of the dog, its behaviour and their environment. We then compile an in-depth report with recommendations and risks.​​

Staff Training & Courses

​We are pleased to offer staff training and CPD. This is usually done in your own workplace and, depending on your needs, we can involve theory & presentations or theory & practical work.


Up-to-Date Puppy Advice

This course is ideal for veterinary practices, groomers, dog walkers and doggy day care services.

Gain an understanding of the most common issues that new puppy owners experience (such as puppy biting, being left alone, toilet training), so you are equipped to offer relevant support and advice. Review common misconceptions and out-of-date advice that is still being given, and the behaviour problems this can cause in the future, to avoid such a scenario from occurring. 

Canine Body Language

​​This course is ideal for doggy day care services, home boarders and dog walkers. Learn a wide range of canine body language and how to pre-empt a dog's behaviour, as well as spotting early signs of issues in dog-to-dog interactions. This course can be tailored to suit your specific business needs.​

Keep your eye out for more courses​ in the making...

  • Loose lead walking theory for owners and professionals

  • Dog to dog issues for owners and professionals

  • Dog reactivity for owners and professionals

  • Dog handling techniques for treatment

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