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Dog Training Intermediate Level

Improve and expand upon essential life skills and learn how to harness your dog's natural behaviours through games and activities, using science and reward based training

Rescue dogs of any age and adolescent dogs aged 6-12 months especially can benefit greatly from this training

Let's help you and your dog hone your skills and make life together easier and happier 

What's included in dog training?

  1. Continue improving essential life skills learnt in Puppy Training OR Dog Training Beginners Level Course and add new skills during sessions at our dedicated Training & Behaviour Centre 

  2. Build and improve upon training skills such as emergency stop, a send away, learning to disengage from distractions


  3. Introduce games and activities to help strengthen your relationship and utilise your dog's natural behaviours

  4. Improve your lead skills and your dog's focus during distractions

  5. Free membership to our exclusive Facebook community group for ongoing advice and support


What else do I need to know?

  • Cost is £119 for X6 sessions spread over 6 weeks, lasting 60 minutes each

  • Aimed at adolescent dogs aged 6 - 12 months (but any dog aged 5 months and upwards are welcome) who have completed either the Puppy Training OR Dog Training Beginners Level Course

  • There will be a qualified trainer leading the class, with a maximum of 8 dogs per session 


  • Dogs need to be capable of coping in a group situation and working in the vicinity of other dogs. If you would like to work on your dog's training, but feel they would find a group situation too overwhelming or distracting, please check out the 1:1 training option

  • Check out our T&Cs here for our cancellation policy

  • If you can't find dates you can attend, please get in touch with us so we can find a way to help you

Image by Camylla Battani

Where does it take place?

At APDS Training & Behaviour Centre, near Leominster & Hereford

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