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Puppy Socialisation

Help your new puppy get used to different places, sounds, people, experiences and environments to help them feel safe and happy entering into adulthood


Puppies that are not socialised in a safe way, or at all, can develop behavioural issues as they get older, so it is such an important part of their learning and development

Let's help your pup discover and navigate this big world in a positive way

What's included in puppy socialisation?

  1. Work & play with your puppy at our dedicated Training & Behaviour Centre, allowing them to get used to the environment (this can be a great advantage when progressing puppies onto our Puppy Training course) 2 trainers in the class to provide lots of individual support.

  2. Exploring puppy life skills, such as settling in different environments, how to meet and greet people, approaching new items, how to greet other dogs, as well as learning to ignore other dogs, focusing on their owners, confidence building, as well as new noises, objects, smells and experiences


  3. ​Exploring activities to help with car travel, vets visits, grooming visits and husbandry tasks

  4. Puppies are matched in terms of personality and play style and, where appropriate, allowed to socialise under supervision of the trainers


  5. Free membership to our exclusive Facebook community group for ongoing advice and support 

  6. PLUS a BONUS 10% OFF Puppy Training Course upon signing up!


What else do I need to know?

  • Cost is £79.99 for X4 sessions, lasting 60 minutes each

  • Aimed at puppies between 10 - 20 weeks old

  • There will be 2 qualified trainers in the class with a maximum of 6 puppies per session to allow for plenty of time with both trainers 


  • Puppies can be enrolled in both Puppy Training and Puppy socialising at the same time

  • Your puppy needs to have been with you for at least 2 weeks (to ensure they have begun to settle into their new environment) and must have received their first vaccinations 

  • Check out our T&Cs here for our cancellation policy

  • If you can't find dates you can attend, please get in touch with us so we can find a way to help you

Image by Matthew Foulds

Where does it take place?

At APDS Training & Behaviour Centre, near Leominster & Hereford

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