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Image by Murilo Viviani

Agility Beginners Level

Explore an introduction to the skills and behaviours required to enable a successful agility career, such as spatial awareness, cues, timing, handling and navigational skills

Get your brains geared up for this mentally challenging workout and burn off some energy at the same time! 

What's included in agility beginners level?

  1. Eight agility classes over eight weeks at our dedicated Training & Behaviour Centre

  2. Learn how to break down each piece of agility equipment and jumps using targeting techniques and teach your dog how to use them


  3. Develop your dog's confidence and independence as well as your ability to give instructions at a distance

  4. Improve your dog's proprioception (knowing where to put their feet and body) and give them a physical workout at the same time! 

  5. Teach your dog key agility handling behaviours

  6. Free membership to our exclusive Facebook community group for ongoing advice and support 


What else do I need to know?

  • Cost is £139 for X8 sessions spread over 8 weeks, lasting 60 minutes each

  • Aimed at dogs aged 12 months and upwards, due to the need to navigate the course and overcome jumps

  • There will be an Agility Instructor leading the class with a maximum of 8 dogs per group 

  • At this level, any equipment is used as a prop only

  • Agility can be a fast and physically demanding sport on both you and your dog, so we recommend a recent health check by your vet before beginning agility 

  • Check out our T&Cs here for our cancellation policy

  • If you can't find dates you can attend, please get in touch with us so we can find a way to help you

Image by Petr Magera

Where does it take place?

At APDS Training & Behaviour Centre, near Leominster & Hereford

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