Behaviour Consultations


Is your dog showing signs of aggression, fear or anxiety?  Would you like help to work on these behaviours?


Who can benefit from our Behaviour Consultations?

  • Designed for dogs who require more specialist behavioural modification work. This training requires a greater understanding of how dogs learn, insights into potential problems, patience, good timing, setting realistic targets and adopting a flexible training approach.

  • We understand how difficult and stressful it can be to have a dog with behavioural issues. We aim to give you information and understanding as to why your dog exhibits these behaviours, before completing specialist training to help get your relationship back on track.

  • We can help with a variety of dog behavioural issues including anxiety, resource guarding, lack of socialisation, aggression and more.

  • Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire or in your local area. Travel charges may apply. 

  • Cost: Please see specific prices below.


What's covered in our Behaviour Consultations?


  • In our first session together, we will assess your dog and attempt to determine the underlying reasons for their behaviour. We will then develop a training plan and send this to you via email. We will give you an action plan at the assement session so we can start implimenting changes right away. 


  •  We will advise you on the number of visits needed - please bear in mind that most problems require ongoing support and training, as it takes time to change behaviour patterns. With behavioural issues there is no quick fix. These visits can be either, at your home, at our training centre or zoom, we will discuss this in the first assessment session.

  • In addition, we may recommend other training packages to support the behaviour modification process, these would include training for you, where we can get our team to start the training for you, and with our support you can then take over

  • We provide ongoing support and guidance via email or phone in between consultations.

  • Please note: This service will require us to work with your vets and any other professionals who have a relationship with your dog. This allows us to provide a holistic approach, ensuring we address your dog's health, behaviour and environment as a whole.


Dog Behaviour Consultations Herefordshire


Head Trainer and Behaviourist Rick/Sarah IMDT Behaviourist

Cost £60/hour, behaviour report, email support, and video support all included.

Where a  home visit is required these are 90 minutes, if you feel you may need a  home visit is please contact us by email to discuss further or click contact us below. If you are a new client to us and are not sure what service you made need please contact us below. 

* Additional travel charges apply if carrying out home visits

*If there are no suitable appointments on our booking system then please contact us to discuss your needs

If you need to book your next behaviour session or know which service you require please click below to go to our booking system register/sign in then make your new booking