Gun Dog Training


Do you own a gun dog or a gun dog cross? Are you struggling to harness your dog's natural instincts? 

What's covered in our Gun Dog workshops?

  • These workshops are delivered by the talented Helen Phillips - one of the UK's top gun dog trainers who uses only reward-based training techniques. You will be learning from the best!

  • You will learn how to harness your dog's natural instincts and build on those foundations, forming a great partnership. You will also learn how to start building a level of control that exceeds the excitement of the "hunt". 

  • Whether you are looking to work your gun dog or they are simply just a pet, you can greatly benefit from this series of workshops.

  • In this set of 3 workshops, you will learn how to build high value rewards through play, recall on a whistle, stay and steadiness, introduction to a place board, go to target and 'get it' bowls. We will also cover basic retrieval patterns with cues, basic hunting techniques and heel work.

  • Our next set of workshops are due to take place on Saturday 14th May, Saturday 18th June and Saturday 16th July 2022. Courses will run from 10am-3pm.

  • You will be able to move up to levels 4, 5 & 6 (dates to be announced) after completing levels 1, 2 & 3.

  • Price: Handler spaces are £300 for all 3 workshops. Only 10 handler spaces available.
               Spectator spots are £150 for 3 workshops or £50 per workshop.

About Helen Phillips

  • Helen is the owner of the Clicker Gundog Training Centre. Along with her husband, she manages a small shoot at the training centre solely for training purposes.

  • Helen has been working with dogs in the field for over 30 years, and has been breeding Hungarian Vizslas since 1998. She has a wealth of experience in living and working with hunting dogs.

  • Having owned many breeds from crosses and Spaniels to HRPs (Hunt, Point & Retriever), Helen currently owns 2 Vizlas named Jack and Dibble and a Springer Spaniel named Wren. All the dogs work in various roles on the shoot, from beating, pick up and partnering on the peg.

  • Over the last 10 years, Helen has taught a Canine Training & Behaviour course at Warwickshire College. Together with Kay Laurence, she was also a business partner for Learning About Dogs.

  • Helen holds a distinction in Canine Training & Behaviour. In 2017, she achieved the KC Working Gundog certification on Dummies and also holds the same certification on Game with Scout.

  • Helen obtained the City & Guilds Level 5 Teaching qualification, as well as the Learning About Dogs Clicker Trainer's Competency Assessment Programme at levels 1, 2 & 3. She is now an active assessor for the scheme. Alongside this, she trained with Kay Laurence for many years and taught a variety of Clicker Training workshops.

  • Helen now teaches several Clicker Training and gun dog courses around the world, as well as at her own UK training facility. She focuses on promoting the use of non-coercive, positive reinforcement training techniques and strategies within her gun dog training.