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All our workshops are fun, friendly, great activities for you and your dog. Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre at Hope under Dinmore Herefordshire, we have a wide variety of options to suit any age canine,  workshops are a fantastic way to spend time with your dog learning new skills. 

Recall Workshop 

Part 1 (1 hr 30 min) and 2 (1hr 30min) £50

We help you build up a reliable recall or improve your dog's recall, focusing on your dog's natural behaviours and show you ways to become part of their hobbies. We work through fun games and exercises that you can start putting in to practice straight away! 

Loose Lead Workshop

    (2 hr 30 min) £45       

Does your dog take you for a walk? We help you understand the reasons dogs pull on lead and we work through a number of games and fun exercises to help you walk your dog with a loose lead so you can both enjoy your walks!

Nosetastic Workshop 1 & 2

(2 hrs) £45 each

In this fun and and interactive workshop we encourage your dog to put their nose to use through exploring the dog's sense of smell in more detail and taking part in a number of fun activities for you and your dog to learn together including food trails, searching for a scented article, passive indication and more! 

Herding Breeds Workshop

(2 hrs) £45 

Herding breeds such as Border Collies, Welsh Collies and Bearded Collies have been part of agricultural life for centuries but have become increasingly more popular as pets. But herding breeds can struggle in an urban environment.

This workshop is designed to help owners of herding breeds understand their dog’s natural behaviours and learn techniques to help channel these into appropriate behaviours.

We will use different toys to give your dog an outlet for their herding instincts, we will teach you games and activities to help with their natural behaviours.

We will also help and support you to get focus and training results with these breeds teaching you the techniques that will help you build a positive relationship together!

Tricks Workshop 1 & 2 

(2hr 30 min) £45 each

If you fancy doing a something different with your dog, our Tricks Workshop could be the answer. We help you teach your dog a number of tricks such as ringing a bell, wiping feet, closing/opening a door and many more! This is great fun and aids bonding for you and your dog. Once you have completed tricks 1 you can go onto Tricks 2 where you will learn more complicated tricks take a selfie, stick em up, rewind and more!!

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All Positive Dog Services Training & Behaviour Centre

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