All our workshops are fun, friendly, great activities for you and your dog

Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre at Hope under Dinmore Herefordshire

We have a wide variety of options to suit any age canine,  our new conditioning workshops are a fantastic way to spend time with your dog learning new skills 

If you are interested in any of the the below, please check out the what's on page 

Training & Fun Workshops


Recall Workshop 

Part 1 (1 hr 30 min) and 2 (1hr 30min) £50

We help you build up a reliable recall or improve your dog's recall, focusing on your dog's natural behaviours and show you ways to become part of their hobbies. We work through fun games and exercises that you can start putting in to practice straight away! 

Loose Lead Workshop

    (2 hr 30 min) £45       

Does your dog take you for a walk? We help you understand the reasons dogs pull on lead and we work through a number of games and fun exercises to help you walk your dog with a loose lead so you can both enjoy your walks!

Nosetastic Workshop 1 & 2

(2 hr 30 min) £45 each

In this fun and and interactive workshop we encourage your dog to put their nose to use through exploring the dog's sense of smell in more detail and taking part in a number of activities including scent detection, passive indication and tracking 

  Rally Workshop 

(2 hr 30 min) £45

Rally is a relatively new activity. You and your dog learn to work together and complete a course where you have to work through a series of cues and behaviours as quickly as possible. Great for bonding and a bit of fun!

Tricks Workshop 1 & 2 

(2hr 30 min) £45 each

If you fancy doing a something different with your dog, our Tricks Workshop could be the answer. We help you teach your dog a number of tricks such as ringing a bell, wiping feet, closing/opening a door and many more! This is great fun and aids bonding for you and your dog. Once you have completed 

Canine Conditioning Workshops


Senior Mobility Management

(2 hours) £40

Senior mobility management

This workshop will cover several topics to be able to help you keep your older dog active for longer. It is now known that 80% of dogs over 8 years old will have osteoarthritis. Although they may not be symptomatic they will start to subtly adapt their posture and gait in time to cope with the arthritic changes. During this workshop you will learn how to look for signs of discomfort and ways we can help to improve their mobility.

Bring your older dog along for a free mobility assessment from our Veterinary Physiotherapist.

Introduction to canine strength conditioning for sports and pet activities

Part 1 (3 hours) £60 handler space/£40 spectator


  • Introduction to canine conditioning

  • Understand the demands of pet fitness and popular canine sports

  • Learn training methods to improve your dog’s positioning during conditioning

  • Learn foundation strength exercises to improve your dog’s condition



Part 2 (3 hours) £60 handler space/£40 spectator

  • Learn how conditioning can improve performance and reduce the risk of injury for each specific sport/activity

  • Learn how to create a specific conditioning program for your dog

  • Learn how to transfer the foundation exercises to Fitpaws balance equipment

  • The opportunity to purchase equipment for home use

Introduction to target training for canine conditioning

 Part 1 (2 hours) £40

Targeting is when you teach your dog to touch a particular object with their feet or nose. In this workshop you will learn how to target train your dog in relation to conditioning. We then look at how to use this training method to improve various aspects of fitness such as proprioception, strength, balance and co-ordination. This workshop is ideal for owners looking for a fun enrichment activity or canines participating in sports, for example, show dogs that would like to improve conformation stacking.

Part 2 (2 hours) £40

Using previous targeting tuition from our Part 1 we now look at improving your dog’s dynamic balance, independent limb awareness and coordination by incorporating specialist balance equipment.

Equipment is available to purchase so that you can continue training at home.

Warm up & Flexibility

(2 hours) £40

Have you ever wondered how to correctly warm your dog up for exercise, whether for exercise, training or a sports event?

During this workshop we practically cover how to successfully warm your dog up to improve performance and reduce injury.

You will learn about the physiological effects of a warm down and how specific flexibility exercises will provide the relevant effects on the body.

We will also teach how to incorporate specific exercises for agility preparation to ensure that your stretching doesn’t lose you the power that you need for success.

Cool down will also be covered

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