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If you are interested in any of the the below, check out the relevant pages for further info

Outdoor Classes

4th August 5.30pm 

Level 1 (dogs 20 weeks and over)

4th August 7.00pm 

Level 1 (dogs 20 weeks and over)

6th August 7pm

Level 3 Dog Training (for those who have completed L2)

20th August  3.30pm

Puppy Training (20 weeks and under)

15th September 5.30pm

Level 1 (dogs 20 weeks and over)

19th September 9.00am

Puppy Training (20 weeks and under)


Canine Conditioning Classes

17th August 5.30pm

Puppy Proprioception 1 (6 months +)

17th August 6.30pm

Adult Proprioception 1 (14 months +)

17th August 7.30pm 

Senior Proprioception 1 (7 years+)


Canine Conditioning Workshops

8th August  2.00pm

Senior Dog Mobility Workshop

19th Sept 2.00pm

Warm up and Flexibility

27th Sept 2.00pm

Proprioception 2

3rd October

Canine Strength Conditioning

Part 1

7th November 

Canine Strength Conditioning

Part 2

Training  Workshops


15th August 2.30pm

Scent 1

5th Sept 11.00am

Herding Breeds Workshop

12th Sept 11.00am

Tricks 1 Workshop

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