Trained For You Service

Image by Wade Austin Ellis

Is your dog exhibiting problem behaviour during walks? Struggling with training your dog yourself ? Busy life and not enough time to train and socialise your puppy? 

We can do this for you !


Who can benefit from our Trained for You Service?

  • Dogs who require extra support or training whilst walking or general training. Together, we will create a training plan, taking into account the issues you would like to work on with your dog.

  • Dogs with Behavioural issues that are currently having or have had one to ones with us

  • New puppies, we can cover basic training and start socialising up at our training centre. 

  • Adolescent dogs that seem to have forgotten all of their training!

  • We will complete some or all of the training for you, whilst you are at work or any other time to suit you. Sessions are held at our Training & Behaviour Centre in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire or in your local area.


  • Travel charges may apply. 

What's covered in our Trained for You Service?

  • In our first session together, we will carry out an initial assessment with your canine family. Depending upon what is discussed, we will then create a bespoke training plan for you.

  • Our dog trainers get to work and provide you with regular video footage and updates of our sessions. We will have regular discussions in person or via Zoom and discuss your dog's progress, and if required, we may adjust the training plan.

  • We will also demonstrate and train you in the techniques used, allowing you to keep up or take over training when appropriate.

  • The added benefit to these sessions if that your dog is given mental and physical stimulation, keeping them busy whilst you are out working or studying.

This service would require a 1 to 1 session to be booked if the dog is a new dog to us. Then from there the head trainer/behaviourist will set up a training plan for all trainers to then follow whilst working with your dog.

 As this is a bespoke service and requirements will be different for each canine family please fill out a contact form to discuss further and pricing.