Puppy Training


Recently purchased a new puppy? Need some help training your puppy and welcoming them to your home?


Who can benefit from our Puppy Training programme?

  • We offer an 8-week puppy training course with 1 theory session and 7 practical sessions, designed for puppies who are under 20 weeks of age when beginning the course.

  • We help you build a strong bond with your puppy, getting you and your puppy off to the best possible start in life. We help you understand how dogs learn, how you should communicate with them and how to socialise your puppy, which are the foundations for any positive relationship with your new canine family.

  • We will also start basic training, and advise on all those common puppy issues, like chewing, sleeping, toileting and life skills.

  • Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire. 

  • Maximum 8 puppies per class.

  • Cost: £130

What's covered in our Puppy Training programme


  • We help you teach some of the basic training cues such as settle, attention, sit, down, loose lead walking and recall. We cover the basic life skills that your puppy will need, enabling them to grow into happy adult dogs.

  • We provide advice on issues such as toilet training, puppy biting, life skills, as well as useful tips on how to prevent some common behaviour problems and how to prepare puppies for the groomers and vets etc.

  • Puppies are given some opportunity to practice their social skills on lead with suitable play mates in a supervised, safe environment. We discuss the best ways to socialise your puppy and demonstrate what positive interactions should look like. 

  • All our training is reward and science based, and our classes are small to allow for plenty of one-to-one attention.

  • You will receive a puppy pack, a puppy manual, instruction videos and a free clicker, vouchers as well as membership to our Facebook community for ongoing advice and support.

To find the next dates for our puppy courses, please go to the book now area. If there are no suitable dates please contact us, as we we sometimes due to demand add extra courses in. 

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