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Updated: Oct 25, 2021


At All Positive Dog Services, we understand the confusion that can arise from choosing a dog trainer. With the number of pet professionals setting up different sorts of services across Herefordshire, finding the right one for you can feel like navigating a minefield. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top traits a dog trainer should possess, and why we feel we can meet all of your training needs.

Qualifications: Dog training, as an industry, is unregulated. This means that any Tom, Dick and Harry could start up a dog training business and offer classes and 1 to 1s. Yes, even you! Due to this, you could be at risk of your hard earned money being scammed away by someone who lacks the ability and knowledge to help you with your training needs. The wrong advice and training methods can cause significant damage to your dog’s behaviour, well being and your relationship.

Despite the industry being unregulated, there are a number of fantastic organisations looking to raise the bar of what it means to be a dog trainer. Through rigorous assessments of practical and theoretical knowledge, you have to know your stuff to get in! Our staff are

qualified with the top tier organisations in the United Kingdom, including the IMDT, APDT, VSPDT, School of Canine Science, PPG, IAAC and ACE. One of the team even trains and mentors the next generation of dog trainers with one of these top level organisations!

This showcases that all of our staff are well equipped to deal with all of your training needs, even the embarrassing ones like humping guests! (yes we know it happens !)

We would recommend going with trainers that are fully qualified/accredited with these organisations, this means they normally can be found on the FULL members list of each organisation.

Choose someone that is happy for you to come and watch classes before hand, we are always happy for any clients to come and watch first. It's an important decision choosing the right trainer. Also check the methods they use, look for reward/science/force free only trainers, the list of organisations above mean they have to use these methods only. Check for experience, what industry experience do they have, how long have they been dog training? Check reviews too.

Cost, sadly cheaper does not mean better value, we put a lot of money and time into qualifications and training, our team completes 3/4 courses each at least a year, and lots of CPD to make sure we are providing a varied, well educated, top service. We invest in the team so that this knowledge and skill is passed down into your sessions with us.

Experience: If you’re reading this article, it is more than likely that you’ve pulled your hair out regarding your dog’s training issues. Whether they’re pulling like a steam train on lead, rushing away to chase bicycles, or darting off with someone's picnic, we understand that this can be so stressful trying to manage in everyday life. Your dog may even be causing you anxiety if they are barking and lunging at people, dogs, cyclists and more while out on walks or in your home. You’ll need an experienced trainer in dealing with these concerns, as each dog is an individual with their own specific needs. Knowing how to deal with these issues in an ethical, efficient and effective manner is the key to you and your dog's continued happiness.

At All Positive Dog Services, our staff have over thirty years experience dealing with every behaviour problem under the sun. We’ve helped canine families educate their young puppies, toileting, calm walking, recall, socialising, puppies that have such severe puppy biting they should be named land sharks!

We have helped rein in the bouncy teenage dogs that forget they have family out on walks, are a massive ball of hormones and have forgotten all training (welcome to the wonderful world of adolescent dogs!! get the wine in !!!) and let's face it they just want to be out with their mates !

The behaviourists in our team worked also with rescue dogs for years, covered hours of CPD on canine behaviour courses with the top trainers in the country, have a Psychology Masters to help both canine and human, as with behavioural issues canines and humans alike need the support!! We can help with those with anxiety, resource guarding issues and many more struggles our canines have, fitting in to our human world. Our staff members have studied a whole host of concepts and techniques to deliver you the best dog training experience possible. From in-depth analysis of dog nutrition, behaviour and how dogs learn, we adore learning about our canine companions so we can better help you out!

We pride ourselves on an in-depth understanding of multiple breeds, through both our personal lives (we’re dog owners too of course!) and the hundreds of

dogs we have worked with over our careers. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Bichon Frise, a German shepherd, a Whippet, Border Collie or a lovely rescue dog we’ll work with you every step of the way to create that positive relationship !

Classes and 1-2-1s: Knowing how to construct a fun training class, or structure a 1 to 1 training session is vital for your training successes. Due to the unregulated nature of the dog training industry, some group classes can be overrun with too many dogs, and big groups of dogs off lead "socialising" which can lead to a horrific learning environment where you and your dog both struggle. These canine families then often need our help and support down the line due to behavioural issues.

At All Positive Dog Services, we pride ourselves on creating the perfect learning environment for you and your dog. In our 1 to 1 sessions, you’ll receive a tailored training plan that will help you with all your training needs. Well, almost all of them. We can’t teach your dog to start making you dinner - we’re not miracle workers! Anything else though? We’ve got you covered! You’ll go away from your sessions equipped with the knowledge of why your dog is behaving this way, how to effectively start to deal with the issue, and how to continue the training outside of our sessions. We offer long-term support through training programmes as well as email support, as we care deeply about you and your dog's wellbeing.

Our 1 to 1 sessions take place at our training centre at Hope under Dinmore where we have a 2 acre secure training field and a large indoor venue. We also offer home visits across Herefordshire including Hereford, Leominster, Ludlow, Kington and surrounding areas. Our puppy training programme is designed to provide you and your new arrival with all of the necessary skills to navigate in the real world. You’ll work alongside other puppy owners on the best ways to train, socialise, manage and learn about your puppy's behaviour. All of our courses follow a structured programme designed to bring out the best of your ability and set your dogs up for success, in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Class Variety: We don’t just want to provide you a run of the mill dog training experience. Most canines love having a hobby just the same as we do! At All Positive Dog services, we run an exciting range of classes. Agility and Hoopers are fantastic physical classes to get your dogs moving! If your dog is a young puppy, is an old age pensioner, or suffers from some health issues, Hoopers might be more up your alley. Your dog will navigate a course containing hoops, tunnels and barrels in a lower impact fashion than Agility dogs. If your dog has a need for speed, these classes can’t be missed!

photo credit Allan Brown

If you want to lean into your dog's natural instincts, Gundog classes might be for you! Based on the long standing traditions of hunting for pheasants and rabbits, your dog will learn how to remain focused on a specific job, locating hidden and thrown dummies by returning them back to you. While Gundog classes tend to be tailored towards specific breeds, any dog can benefit from the hunting and searching aspects of this incredible activity.

These classes just scratch the surface of what your dog can do with us. We offer a number of other fantastic classes to exhilarate you and your dog. From Scentwork classes with our qualified Scentwork UK instructors, to Trickstar classes learning a whole host of tricks and Freestyle to Music routines, we pride ourselves on offering the biggest and most in-depth selection of classes in Herefordshire.

Let’s Get Training: As you can see, we’re more than capable of meeting the needs of you and your dog. With our extensive list of qualifications, our years of experience, and our multiple ways of approaching your dog’s training, All Positive Dog Services is here for you. What are you waiting for? Let’s get training!

APDS team are here to create a positive relationship between you and your canine families!

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