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Do you own a gun dog or gun dog cross? Are you struggling to harness your dog's instincts? Are they happy to be 'self employed' when off the lead rather than focus on you? Will they go wherever their nose takes them? Then these workshops are for you!

Gun Dog Foundations 1, 2, 3

We are thrilled to announce this set of workshops! This is a great opportunity for those of you with a gun dog breed or cross, as these workshops are delivered by Helen Phillips, one of the UK's top gun dog trainers who only uses reward based training techniques. With over 20 years experience and a whole array of qualifications and accomplishments, you will learn from the best!



Helen is the owner of the ‘Clicker Gundog’ Training Centre. She is a qualified teacher. With her husband she manages a small shoot at the training centre solely for training purposes. She has been working dogs in the field for over thirty years and has been breeding Hungarian Vizslas since 1998. As a result she has an extensive understanding of living with and working with hunting dogs. 


Having owned a variety of breeds from crosses, to Spaniels and HPRs (Hunt, Point and Retrieve) Helen currently owns 2 Vizla's Jack aged 6 and Dibble the new puppy addition to the family, and Wren a 2 year old Springer Spaniel. All the dogs work in a variety of roles on the shoot from beating, picking up to partner on the peg.

During the last ten years she has taught a Canine Training and Behaviour Course at Warwickshire College and was a business partner with Learning About Dogs (together with Kay Laurence). Helen has a Distinction in the certificate in Canine Training and Behaviour from Warwickshire College and has taught the same course at two levels for 6 years. In 2017 Helen passed the KC Working Gundog Certificate on Dummies and also holds the KC Working Gundog Certificate on Game with Scout.


She has the City and Guilds level 5 Teaching qualification. She has obtained the Learning About Dogs Clicker Trainers Competency Assessment Programme levels 1, 2 and 3 with Distinction and is an active assessor for the scheme. Alongside this she trained with Kay Laurence for many years and taught a variety of Clicker Training workshops.


She now also teaches a variety of Clicker Training and Gundog courses around the world as well as at her own training facility in the UK. Her focus is on promoting the use of non coercive, positive reinforcement training techniques and strategies within gundog training. 

So.....are you struggling to harness your dog's instincts? Are they happy to be 'self employed' when off the lead rather than focus on you? Will they go wherever their nose takes them? Then these workshops are for you!


You will learn how to harness your dog's natural instincts and build the foundations of a great partnership. You will learn how to start building a level of control that exceeds the excitement of the 'hunt'


You will benefit whether you are looking to work your gun dog or are they are 'just a pet'


Helen will deliver a set of 3 workshops covering different aspects of training your gun dog. 

In this set of 3 workshops, you will learn:

to build high value rewards through play,

to recall on a whistle,

 how to start a stay and steadiness,

how to run a basic retrieve pattern to include a drop on cue 

basic hunting

heel work

introduction to a place board

go to target 

'get it bowls'



Running on the following Thursdays: 22nd April 2021, 27th May 2021, 24th June 2021 - 10am till 3pm


 These workshops are a set of 3 days, attendees will need to have attended foundation 1 to be able to attend foundation 2 and attended foundation 2 to attend 3. 

To be able to move up to levels 4,5,6 (dates to be announced) and then look at working on specific areas, you need to complete foundation 1,2,3

Early bird spots before 31st January: 


Handler space £270 for 3 workshops (£300 thereafter) only 10 handler spaces per workshop

Spectator spots: £150 for 3 workshops or £50 per workshop

Once booked refunds can only be given for these workshops within 14 days of booking date.

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