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Training Walks Service 

We offer an in home training service.

This service means we will train your dog for you! 

Together we will set up a training plan on the issues you would like to work on with your dog, implement some/all of the training for you, either out on walks or in the home, whilst you are at work or at any time to suit. We will have regular discussions together in person/zoom so that we can adjust the training plan where needed, depending on your dog's progress.

We will carry out an initial visit and based on what is discussed, set up a training plan for you.

We will then get to work and update you of your dog's progress with regular video footage of our sessions.

We will also show you the techniques we use so you can keep up or take over the training.


This service is offered to Leominster, Hereford and surrounding areas.

The added benefit of these sessions is that your dog gets extra mental and physical stimulation for an hour, meaning whilst you are busy, your dog is busy too!! 

Training Walks

We can also offer training walks for those owners who maybe do not have a training issue but would like their dog to have a busy day. We would take your dog out for you and make sure they have a walk that involves mental stimulation, a number of games and training.

For booking either service please contact discuss your training needs and pricing. 

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