We offer agility at Foundation, Beginner and Competition Level as well as one to one lessons.

Foundation Level

This involves an introduction to the skills and behaviours to enable a successful agility career. We will look at agility specific body awareness and confidence exercises and introduce you to key agility handling behaviours. We include exercises to help you work on focus and drive and work on reward structure.

At this level equipment is used as a prop only. 

The duration of this course is 8 weeks.

Beginners Level

Following on from Foundation Level at the Beginner Level we will introduce you to the agility equipment and handling through to preparing you for your first competition (if you would like).

We will introduce you to all the agility equipment. All the equipment is taught in stages to ensure the dog understands the behaviour needed for each obstacle. You will develop your basic handling skills and learn how to sequence obstacles. Both you and your dog will be trained so you are ready to compete, should you wish to do so!



Competition Level 

This level is for dogs who are capable of doing all the different pieces of equipment and who are able to sequence several obstacles. Classes at competition level are suitable for dogs competing at grades 1-7. We will help you develop and improve your individual handling skills and your dog's performance. 




These sessions will be tailored to you and your dog and so are suitable for dogs of all levels. We will help you work on key individual skills and requirements and can help prepare you and your dog for specific events and competitions.

** Please note your dog must be 12 months old to start. 

Foundation Level, 8 week course 

  • Cost  £120

Beginner Level, 6 week course 

  • Cost  £90

Competition Level, 6 week roll on blocks

  • Cost £90


  • £15 for half an hour

  • £30 for an hour


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