Canine Conditioning

Proprioception and body awareness 

Proprioception is a term given to describe the body’s perception or awareness of the position and movement of the body. Proprioception allows us to know where our limbs are in a given space. 



Puppy 6 months+


  • 4 week course

  • Cost: £60 

  • Puppies can benefit from doing proprioceptive exercises as they develop, helping them to learn control over their body movements, reducing the risk of injury and improving their confidence. The exercises also provide excellent mental stimulation. Generally, without conditioning, dogs are unable to control their hindlimbs independently to their forelimbs. 

  • Puppies should not participate in strength and balance exercise until their growth plates are closed to prevent damage to their joints.


  • This course is a fantastic introduction to conditioning, whether you plan to participate in sports or just ensure optimal health and development for your pet dog.


  • The exercises are really fun and our friendly team are there to support you during each session. 


Adult 14 months+


  • 4 week course

  • Cost: £60 


  • Canine athletes, such as agility dogs can benefit from proprioceptive conditioning to improve their ability to react faster which will reduce the risk of injury. Pet dogs also benefit from the improved confidence, mental focus and body awareness that comes from proprioceptive training. 


  • Some of these exercises for skeletally mature dogs will also influence muscle strength and improve balance and flexibility which are vital to maintain optimal fitness for all dogs.


  • Remember walking is great for endurance but it doesn’t build strength or improve proprioception. 


  • Once you have completed a proprioception course you are well equipped to move onto our canine conditioning course for body strength and balance. 


Senior 7+

  • 4 week course

  • Cost: £60 


  • Older dogs often have decreased proprioception due to degeneration which is when there is a reduction in the sense that tells the body where they are in space. It includes the awareness of posture, weight, movement, and limb position in relation to their environment and according to their other body parts. Therefore, conditioning senior dogs’ proprioception and body awareness is essential to maintaining their mobility.


  • These exercises will also influence muscle strength and improve balance and flexibility which are vital to maintain optimal fitness for all dogs. It is now known that 80% of dogs over 8 years old will have osteoarthritis. Although they may not be symptomatic they will start to subtly adapt their posture and gait in time to cope with the arthritic changes. Conditioning whilst they are still active will decelerate muscle wastage and proprioceptive deficit. 

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