Need help with your dog's agility training? Looking to have fun with your dog or even compete in agility?


Who can benefit from our Agility courses?

  • We offer dog agility training at foundation, beginner and competition levels, as well as 1-to-1 training sessions.

  • Suitable for all dogs. Must be at least 9 months of age to start (this depends on the size of the dog so we ask you to wait until they are 12 months old).

  • Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire.

  • Cost: Please see specific prices below.

Foundation Level

  • This involves an introduction to the skills and behaviours required
    to enable a successful agility career. We cover agility specific body
    awareness and confidence exercises, introducing you to key agility
    handling behaviours.

  • We include exercises to help you work on focus and drive, and
    implement a successful reward structure.

  • At this level, any equipment is used as a prop only.

  • An 8 week training course.

  • Cost: £120.

Beginner Level


  • Following on from the foundation course, the beginner level introduces you to agility equipment and handling. We can help prepare you for your first competition, if required.

  • All agility equipment is taught in stages to ensure the dog understands the behaviour needed for each obstacle.

  • You will develop basic handling skills and learn how to correctly sequence obstacles.

  • A 6 week training course.

  • Cost: £90.

Competition Level


  • This level is suitable for dogs that are familiar with agility equipment and are able to
    sequence several obstacles.
     Classes at competition level can be taught to dogs
    competing at grades 1-7.

  • We will help you develop and improve your individual handling skills, as well as your
    dog's agility performance.

  • A 6 week training course.

  • Cost: £90.

1-to-1 Training


  • These sessions will be specifically tailored to you and your dog, and are therefore suitable for dogs of all levels.

  • We will help you develop key individual skills and requirements, preparing you and your dog for specific events and / or competitions.

  • Cost: £20 per 30 minutes.
              £35 per hour.

Dog Agility classes Herefordshire
Dog Agility classes Herefordshire