1-to-1 Training


Does your dog need some 1-to-1 training? We can create a bespoke 1-to-1 training plan to suit you and your dog.


Who can benefit from our 1-to-1 Training plans?

  • Designed for owners with busy lives who struggle to fit in regular weekly training classes, or dogs who cannot cope within class environments.

  • Teaching basic training skills such as recall, loose lead walking, jumping up and basic manners at home.

  • Our sessions are specifically tailored to you and your dog. You can work with us to train your dog, or we can handle all the training for you.

  • Held at our Training & Behaviour Centre in Hope Under Dinmore, Herefordshire or in your local area. Travel charges may apply. 

  • Cost: Please see specific prices below.

  • Please note that more complex issues such as aggression or anxiety require more support and would need an initial Behaviour Consultation.

Training programmes and instruction videos provided

Head Trainer and Behaviourist Rick/IMDT Behaviourist Sarah


***If there are no suitable appointments on the booking system please contact us to discuss your needs, if you are not sure which service you require please contact us below.




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